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perangsang creamSPANIS FLY GEL By Lifetech Resources Is Patented Safe, Clear Viscous Compound That Contains Ingrendients Ehich Help Promote Clitoral Sensitivity It Is A Natural, Topical Cream Without Any Requirment Of Prescription, Developed On The Basis Of The Nitric Oxide Pathway, A Discovery That Won The 1988 Nobel Medicine And Physiology Prize.

Manufactured Under An Fda Certified Factory,  SPANIS FLY GEL Is A Water – Based Health Care Product Which Is Widely Distributed In Hospitals, Chain Stores, And Drug Stores. It Provides An Equal Opportunity For Women To Parcipate In The “Viagra Revolution


cream-perangsangDo Not Use SPANIS FLY GEL During Pregenancy,

Do Not Get  SPANIS FLY GEL Into Your Eyes, If Vulvar Irritation Occurs, Discontinue Use, Consult A Gynecologist If You Have Problems Or If You Have Sexual Dysfunction.

Direction For Use

1, Tear Off Top Of The SPANIS FLY GEL Pillow Pack And Dipense A Small Amount Onto The Fingertip.

2, SPANIS FLY GEL Contain Menthol That Will Have A Cool Feel Create A Warm And Tingling Sensation To The Clitoris, It Is Recommended That You Initially Apply A Small Amount Of SPANIS FLY GEL Adding More As Needed.

3, Apply SPANIS FLY GEL Directly To The Clitoral Area (See Diagram) Making Certain To Work SPANIS FLY GEL Into The Tissue On The Underside Of The Clistories.

4,Touch And Rubbing In / And Around This Area With The SPANIS FLY GEL Will Cause The Blood Vassels To Dilate And Fill With Blood, The Warm Tingling Sensation Will Intensify Resulting In Enhances Orgasmic Response, These Factors And Results Vary Tram Person To Person And May Required More Than One

krim perangsang gel

Adalah Cream Perangsang Wanita Dengan Nitric Oxide Sebagai Basisnya Yg Digunakan Untuk Merangsang Klitoris Wanita, Sehingga Sekali Oles Nanti Wanita Itu Akan Merasa Geli Kegirangan Dan Ingin Melakukan Hubungan Sex.

Dalam Sepaket Sex Cream SPANIS FLY GEL Usa (Perangsang Wanita Cream Usa) Berisi = 50 Ml.

Sex Cream SPANIS FLY GEL Usa (Perangsang Wanita Cream Usa) Mengandung Menthol Yang Akan Memberikan Kombinasi Sensasi Hangat Dan Dingin Pada Klitoris, Rasakan Sensasi Orgasme Seperti Pada Saat Anda Sebelum Umur 20 Tahun.

Cara Penggunaannya Adalah Gunakan Sedikit Sex Cream SPANIS FLY GEL Usa (Perangsang Wanita Cream Usa) Pada Jari Tangan Kemudian Usapkan Ke Bagian Klitoris Wanita. Area Yg Di Usapkan Akan Menyebabkan Aliran Darah Terkumpul Pada Titik Tersebut Sehingga Memberikan Sensasi Hangat Dingin Yg Akan Memberikan Hasil Orgasme Yang Menakjubkan.perangsang gel, perangsang krim, perangsang cream, obat perangsang krim, obat perangsang gel, perangsang gel alami

HARGA Rp 200.000.-


Sex Cream SPANIS FLY GEL Usa Harga Rp 200.000,-

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